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Toshiba back up problem

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  • Toshiba back up problem

    I am having problemes restoring my toshiba satellite 305/315 laptop that runs windows 95 computer. it comes up with invalid media file file disk unusible.iwhat do i do??? Help i have a lot of importiant stuff on it. I Tried calling teck support but they said to go to (the nearest dealer) The dealear got destroyed by huricane Ivan

  • #2 <try this site or any other site that offers recovery/restore disks. Search google for Toshiba recovery or any other key word that relates to your problem. However having owned/own several high priced Toshiba products I would recommend shipping it in to their Warehouse for repairs because Toshiba's are a bitch to fix, but hey they are a great product so it is like buying an imported car. Expensive but nice to own, and when they break down it is even more expensive.
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      i have an older model and my warrenty allredy ran out :(

      i have an older model and my warrenty allredy ran out :( , i have allso tried google :(


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        since it's win95, I'm assuming it's a FAT partition?
        try a knoppix liveCD, boot it, mount the HD and copy it over a network to another system?

        just a thought :)
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          I had the same issue with my HP, where the recovery disk would not recover. Turns out that I had flashed the bios with an upgrade, and that is where the HP looked to identify it and compare itself with the restore disk.

          Same with Micron. I flashed the bios the day I got the PC and of course the recovery disk was then worthless.

          If you have flashed your bios, you may wish to restore the original bios version that came with the computer.