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    Alright i got a pretty damn good idea of how to use html, but now im not sure where to move on to next, im pretty noobish at it all, so not sure what launagage to move onto next, id also like to know what should i read up on to help teach me how to build and setup a webhosting site, what kind of programming launghage i need and ect, any feedback be great


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    You know HTML. If you're a UNIX person, go learn PHP. If you are a windows person, learn ASP.NET. Depends on what your webserver is running on. Or be platform independant and learn Java.

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      My vote is for Java. Also I hope your bad spelling is due to the light in your room now, or coding is going to take you a long, long time.


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        Depends on what your reasons for coding are....

        I've always felt it's better to learn C before Java, so you get a better handle on what an object even is before it is dealt with for you....

        If you are going to do hard number crunching, learn Fortran.

        If you just want to learn more about computers, try learning some scripting (read: AWK, Sed, etc..)- Perl can be fun, but it can be evil too...

        That being said, this thread has been covered before....