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  • Printing *.PDFs

    Hi guys, i have downloaded an online manual for my surround sound amp and its 64 pages long. I have looked through Acrobat Reader but there are no settings to print pages per sheet of paper.

    Are there any free pdf viewers that you know of that will allow me to print 2 pages per sheet of paper? Even 4 pages per sheet would help.

    Cheers guys

    P.s. Ive tried googling but all i find are pdf editors, i have downloaded and tried a few of these but they all focus on editing the document rather then specifying how i wish it to be printed.

    Cheers in advance

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    The program `psnup` will map multiple logical pages onto a single sheet. I believe it requires PostScript as input, but PDF to PS isn't too difficult.


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      googled psnup and ended up finding something called CutePDF which does exactly what i need.

      Instead of printing to your printer you print to CutePDF, which in turn re creates the pdf with the correct number of sheets displayed.

      Cheers anways