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HP dumps Itanic

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  • HP dumps Itanic

    Hewlett-Packard Co. and Intel Corp. have ended their partnership to co-develop the Itanium 64-bit processor line, according to a report from Reuters on Wednesday (Dec. 15).

    The move follows disappointing sales for servers based on the processor, according to the report. Intel and HP developed the processor about 10 years, but the chip has been a flop due to delays, cost overruns and lackluster demand.
    This was the most interesting part to me though:

    Under the terms with Intel, HP's Itanium development team, which includes several hundred engineers, will be acquired by Intel and remain in Ft. Collins, Colo., according to the report.
    I had no idea Itanic was made right down the street... crazy. Well, glad to see HP washing their hands of this horrible debacle... at an estimated $12 billion investment and an additional $3 billion slated for development and less than $2 billion gross processor sales, Itanic trumps even the $8 billion Iridium satellite cluster as one of the worst investments in history
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