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new editors for phrack?

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  • new editors for phrack?

    As we all know, phrack is going to "shut down". The e-zine has been shutdown in the past by previous editors/groups, then revived by another.

    I believe phrack is shutting down because there is no more content being submit to them or lack of quality content, based on the observation that the prior to the announcement of being shutdown, the e-zine releases were getting further and further apart.

    Do you think if a new crew or set of editors took over who are fairly popular, more content would be submitted to phrack? I am not speaking of attention-whore groups like the cult of the dead cow, but maybe a group like the Chaos Computer Club, BSRF, etc? What have you-Basically, a group that is well-respected by their peers but also are internationally known for the purpose of getting phrack more exposure based on reputation.

    Should the hacker community be more proactive about its dear e-zine and "elect" people to take over?
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