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Networking Commands/Definitions. Trying to learn, need some support.

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  • Networking Commands/Definitions. Trying to learn, need some support.

    Hey every1, my first post so I will try and type this clearly. I am an Technician for a local computer store. I split half the services calls, and do all the bench work here in our shop. Everything I do is pretty much A+ stuff 'which is easy' so its nothing fun. Im now looking at the networking side of things and know my way around. Just im looking for a kind of 'dictionary' or index of commands you use along with the meaning of each command. Ive found a similar site here
    But its all Unix/Linux...which im teaching myself on the side. But anyways, thanks for your support yall.

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    Have you even tried Google? I typed in "Windows network commands" and the first hit gave me what you are looking for . Google is your friend. Good job on your first post.


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      oh...yer right lol. Sorry bout the bother then....I just wasent seeing what I wanted on the first page. But I found a couple of decent ones and bookmarked/made avalible offline so I can read them from my lappy. Sorry for the wasteful post, and thanks again.