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    we have smart cards to access university accomodation, as it is not a big security risk (like say credit cards or proper security passes) will the SMART cards be duplicatable? or will it likely be some off the shelf system that is hard to copy? this is not for some evil and nefarious purpose the B*stards charge £15 for a new card.

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    google is your friend
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      Personally, I would just pay the 15 bucks, write it off to experience and be more careful with my card in the future. Buying a SMART card writer on the off chance that you might lose your card sounds a little on the thin side. However if you are looking for a writer so you can replace cards (at a profit of course) for all the other people who lose that sounds more reasonable.
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        Yeah, that was kind of the plan, if it was breaking and entering I wanted to do, people have just been turning up to houses claiming to be a mate of one of the occupants and then some laptops go missing. The system isn't secure enough to keep out burglers, but it is enoguh to make life difficult if you lose your card (kind of like anti-piracy measures on games) and also on principle I would rather run off a new card through a nefarious and expensive scheme than pay the university for a new one.

        What I meant was (I can find precious little info about the systems in general) is it likely to require special software, or would the packages included with the reader/writers likely do it?