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Good internet content monitoring software?

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  • Good internet content monitoring software?

    Does anyone know of open source internet monitoring software that is similar to what Vericept does?

    For those that do not use/know Vericept, it monitor's outgoing in incoming traffic on a network for Fraud/Waste/Abuse. Further it can pull flags up for pr0n sites, IM traffic, etc.

    Any good alternitives that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for?
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    Network Probe 1.2 : $750

    Trafmeter: Free

    Network Traffic Monitor and Analyzer: $250

    IPTraf: Free

    I haven't used any of these, and i think IPtraf is the only one of them that is open source. Don't expect any of them to be as good as Vericept. You can find more by googling "network traffic monitor" or "network abuse monitor".