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Sony PSP as a Internet Browser / PDA

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  • Sony PSP as a Internet Browser / PDA

    I am not a gamer, so had little interest in the new PSP until I found out that it had WiFi (802.11b) and could be used as a browser / PDA. Since it only cost around $250 this would open a lot of possibiities for portable applications. Does anyone have more information on the browser or capability of the PSP in ths regard? The official web site focuses on games and movies.

    Is there a SDK available for the PSP?

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    Less than a month ago their was this program going around that people could download to their psp, people were tricked into thinking it was an upgrade. Sony
    warned everyone, what tha programs website claimed it could do was give internet access, word proccesing and spreadsheet maker. Sony did say not to rule out that in the future that would be an actual update.

    I really do hope it does have internet access, if it does i cant really see the point of a PDA, most are not really light nor small, and the psp seems to do everything a PDA can do and more.

    Already sold my HP 4150 to get a PSP.


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      After seeing what a 'clean machine' the PSP is... I thought about buying one..
      I HATE PDA's... but this has a nice screen.. and the USB keyboards would be awsome...
      There's already a few sites that are developing a Linux setup for the PSP... When that stable and the prices drop im off to buy one... Linux on the PSP w/ a big Duo card would make a great mp3 player + with a USB keyboard and something like the wmi WM or something... I'd be great for notes in class rather than a big honkey power greedy laptop.
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