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Yahoo! mail goes 1GB

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  • Yahoo! mail goes 1GB

    Yahoo has quadrupled the storage capacity offered to users of its free online e-mail service from 250MB to 1GB.
    In an effort to keep up with search giant Google, Yahoo said on Wednesday that by the end of April, its e-mail users will automatically receive the storage upgrade
    For the news.

    I do have a Yahoo mail account and a Gmail account. Though Gmail holds more and works better, I always find myself using my Yahoo account more. Maybe because I am so used to it or the fact that I am not "leet" :)
    I wonder if anyone here still uses Yahoomail...
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    I think Yahoo mail is still decent, and I haven't come across anyone who laughs at someone who still uses yahoo as oppose to hotmail or aol mail.

    This is one of the better strenghts of capitalism I guess, businesses competing for the customer's business which in turns gets better service, in this case is more storage.
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