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    sorry i haven't talked in a while. you know you and i will be there again for one more year at the AP (sorry, the Alexis Villas now). i'll give you a ring before the end of the week. should have all my shit together by then.

    by the way, suck my ass Siviak. heheh... 2 posts now bitch!


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      Originally posted by bink
      ... 2 posts now bitch!

      post whore
      If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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        DJ Skazi is best ... i wish live r00x a l0t of things :D
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          radio promo's to talent, b&w and all dc dj's/parties

          And if anyone wishes to submit their creations to the radio (along with _any_ voiceover or "commercial-like" comments) I'd be happy to play to the 7-10 mile range of listeners from thursday - sunday...

          Originally posted by noid
          If you need a place to host it, send me the linup and I'll toss it into the existing page on
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