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Windows Registry, Editing Sam, Editing SAM

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  • Windows Registry, Editing Sam, Editing SAM

    ok, ive been researching and experimenting for the past 2 days....and I can not get this figured out. I have been testing things one after another. This is what im trying to do;

    I was reading and found out that SAM actually controls/is reliable for the User Account information. Meaning it stores PW's, Account permissions, etc. I found an editor that will let me mount an NTFS based system and actually get in SAM/Names/Users/Accounts/Administrator/PWhere - REG_DWORD
    That may not be the exact location but i think its close. But anyways, I can edit that using the program...but thats weak to use software to do your dirty work. Im trying to pull this information in linux, mounting the ntfs based drive, and editing things manually. This is all in experimentation, im curious and trying to figure this out. Thanks again every1.