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Looking for new Tablet laptop....Few Qs

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  • Looking for new Tablet laptop....Few Qs

    Hi guys,

    Im currently looking for a new laptop for my partener. Here are her needs;

    She would like a portable pc, i.e. not a desktop so any size laptop would suffice.
    She will mainly use it for DTP (using M$ Publisher) and Gfx Editing (using Photoshop). Usually the DTP files can get anywhere up to 300MB in size.

    I have considered a Tablet Notebook for her as it will hopefully be able to be used with photoshop to exactly map the pen position. Has anyone here ever had any experience with a tablet pc and photoshop, how realistic is it to drawing on a piece of paper?

    I am looking to spend around £1000, could you please advise me of some models that i could keep an eye out for.

    Your help is much appreciated

    Matt Phillips

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    Originally posted by FunkyChicken
    I am looking to spend around £1000
    With the crazy exchange rate between US and UK, you can get a great PC from over here, and may be able to avoid VAT. What ever you choose, this may help you get more PC for your buck
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      compaq's tablet is ok. i've had a few and it was the easiest to use. dont expect to be able to do great detail on a tablet. it doesnt work that way. but the compaq is also a decent price.
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        Used a couple

        I have done testing for work on various tablets so far. I currently use a HP T1100 as my main laptop for work. I have used/tested Toshiba 3500, Toshiba M200, HP T1100 and the HP T4200. I do not like the Toshiba's at all. They use toshiba software to control various system applications like rotation, power settings, login features and more. I am a big fan of the HP units as they run standard windows XP tablet SP2 and you can add drivers and pre-loaded software as you want. This does require you to reinstall the OS and then the additonal software and drivers are on an included CD. The T1100 has a large pen and small keyboard. The large pen can make it difficult to draw in Photoshop. The keyboard is easily removable but it is difficult to actually work on it without the keyboard. I think the T4200 is a better model. It looks like a standard laptop but the screen pivots and lays on the keyboard so you can use it as a tablet. It also has a thinner pen for it that makes it easier to see the screen as you write or draw in Photoshop is you stated.I don't know the cost you are looking at.