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DC480 Hosted TCP/IP Enabled Device Contest

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  • DC480 Hosted TCP/IP Enabled Device Contest

    I’d like to thank Lostboy again for keeping the contest alive on the forums. I’ll be your point of contact if you’d like to enter in the contest. If you have any questions or suggestions for the contest you can reach me at The DC480 group has been excited about this contest this year and we’ve been working diligently on our own example device, not to be entered. We finally got our website up at which describes a little bit about us, shows what projects we are working on, and also has a rules page and contact info for the TCP/IP contest. As the last months go by we’ll try to post our progress, design specs, and random pics of our own project as much as we can. I’d also like to get the entrees up on the site as well so get those entrees in! Spread the word about Defcon and the contest. Get your friends interested, and start building something. Let’s make this a good one.

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    2 Months and Counting

    We've changed the rules a bit to the contest. You can check that out at our website mentioned above. We decided that they were a bit strict with the requirement of having to submit a paper and such. All we really need is an email explaining what the submission will be. I also wanted to clear up another matter. I heard from some people that they thought that our group was entering a submission as well. I just wanted to let everyone know that our project is purely for fun and we were never planning on entering it. We would like to bring it with us, however, and have it on display as an example for the contest.

    We've still got 2 months left, which is plenty of time if people still want to join in on the fun. The entrees sound great so far and I'm looking forward to see what other entrees will still come in. We've picked out some awesome prizes to give out this year, so get those emails in!
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      Déjà vu . :)