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  • Penetration Testers

    Im into networking right now some system administration and Ive started my way to PenTesting any good starting points from you guys
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    Here's a tip, use the Search function. Hell, we even made that topic a sticky in this very forum just for people like you.
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      ya. dont bother with pentesting till you learn more networking and systems administration. This would be akin to buying your first car then wanting to be a professional NASCAR driver a week later. When you learn networking and administration well, pentesting will be self explanitory.

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        I've found that fountain pens work best for the legacy systems. The sharp, narrow point is great for reaching into those hard-to-reach areas and flipping dip switches, and popping PROMs out of sockets. For newer machines, ballpoints are good as well as automatic pencils for shorting traces and connecting circuits, therefore bypassing those tricky security controls.

        Bic is your friend, best of luck with your new endeavors!
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