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Reminder: Call for Papers is closing soon

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  • Reminder: Call for Papers is closing soon

    I just wanted to remind everyone that the call for papers will be closing June 1st.

    We will try and announce the first ten people who were selected early next week so you guys can start getting excited about the content. It looks to be a great year, with lots of good submissions. Submit now!@#
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    final date for notification?

    just out of curiousity, has the DC organizing team established a date for themselves by which all speaker selection should hopefully be concluded? i realize that the summer is only barely upon us (and some of us are just taking our first breaths of non-stressed air right now) but i was just curious about the schedule of things.

    whether i'm selected as a speaker or not won't phase me... i've been getting progressively more excited about this year's DefCon since about mid-march or so. i'm just anxious to hear whether or not i'll get to present. :-)

    the events already mentioned look terrific, everyone seems more hyped than i've ever seen, and las vegas is currently the most highlighted destination i have this summer.

    can't wait to see everyone in nevada,

    - deviant
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      Originally posted by Deviant Ollam
      whether i'm selected as a speaker or not won't phase me...
      Did you pop your collar and dust your shoulder when you were writting that?

      /small joke, very little
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