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  • Film Festival II

    Anyone have any information about the DefCon Film Festival? (i.e., how they do it, what's fair game, who runs it, etc.)

    I've looked in the forums of the last defcon and couldn't find anything about the first FilmFest.

    If it's on an FAQ or site somewhere not within my search scope I'd be grateful if you'd point me that way. Thanx.

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    not entirely related to the film festival (i'm not exactly suggesting this movie) but i figure those who read this thread might be the best ones to ask about a certain film.

    There was a documentary type piece done a few years back by Jennifer Read entitled Owned or something like that. I saw it at a HOPE conference i think. many parts of it were good. lots of decent defcon footage, if i recall. i have tried in vain to find this film (at various times even emailing Jennifer Read herself, with her not offering much useful advice) that i know is out there. it keeps popping up here and there and i'm never in possession of my laptop or a DVD-R drive when it's near me.

    does anyone have this film? do you know how/where i can score it from you? beers or red bull (your choice) would be graciously given in trade at defcon for a copy if anyone has it in their archives somewhere.

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      Some links I found after a google search that might offer some more info. I'd be intrested in seeing this two.
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