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    About 3 or 4 years ago, I picked up a loompanics book on Lip Reading. I have not invested much time in it. I start reading it, make it about 1/2 to 2/3 through the book, and then lose interest.

    One of these days I plan to finish it and practice more often.

    Any other lip readers out there? What do you do to practice? Something I have found that works well is recording the News (CNN, or whatever) and then play it on the TV with mute enabled and CC turned off. I then try to make out what they were saying and what words were used, and play it back to see how close I was.

    I've heard looking at the mirror works for some, but does not work so well for me.

    Anyone have other methods to practice?

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    My friend is flawless at lip reading, of course she has a condition that forced her to learn, she might be at DC this year. I'll have to introduce you two if she is coming
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      Not to derail the thread, but speaking of Loompanics, anyone know if they will have a table this year?
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        CC is often a few seconds off, so if you can desync your brain enough to remember what you predicted then that may help. I've also noticed that the accuracy of CC is sometimes way off in both accuracy and timing.
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          Like you mentioned, watch the news with mute and no CC.

          Another practice I do is have my friends mouth words to me and I repeat them back vocally. If I'm right, they move on to a longer, more difficult word. If I get it wrong, they either laugh and start again, or laugh and leave.

          But yeah, really, just do what your doing now, if you happen to see people talking, try and lip read them.

          No one realizes how useful it is to lipread, until you have people plotting to shoot you at point blank range with airsoft gun.
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            Originally posted by che
            Not to derail the thread, but speaking of Loompanics, anyone know if they will have a table this year?

            That's a good question for Roamer... I really don't know since the site says "BreakPoint Books will be the official bookseller.".