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4th Annual Defcon Cannonball Run

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  • 4th Annual Defcon Cannonball Run

    So it's less than a month away.

    This marks the fourth year we will be doing the Cannonball Run.

    The race is set to start Thursday July 28th 2005 with the fist car leaving at 11:00 AM.
    We will start in Redondo Beach and arrive yet again at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are no rules pertaining how fast you travel, or whatr devices you use: radar detectors, police lights, CB Radios or any other devices. The only rules are that you are attending Defcon and that all cars will be starting a few minutes apart from each other. We have yet to have someone die doing this yet, lets keep it that way. Let it be known that I in no way encourage speeding or breaking the law, that is up to you.

    Don't forget video cameras! I want to create another great DVD for everyone this year.

    Don't forget, the theme this year is "Beat up the media!"

    So the infos are up at
    tommEE pickles

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    this time you will receive a tape at dc... what erased them last year is still beyond me


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      thanks mofo
      tommEE pickles


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        so i heard that these guys are going to race this year...

        and you cant beat gangsta's like that... they will prolly be rocking the pink gallardo or pink enzo...

        for all you defcon virgins out there, if you win the cannonball, you are guarenteed to get laid at con... its just how it works...


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          Well the trick is you have to be going to defcon to win the prize. It's not a race unless you get a chance to get that black badge! I challenge the pink lady!
          tommEE pickles


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            I think everyone who races ought to have the KTLA channel 5 logo on their vehicle!


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              btw, i vouch for team eminence not being a news crew (along with my own, of course)


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                one week away, get yourselves ready....
                tommEE pickles


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                  tommEE, can you entice us with some more details about something mentioned on the cannonball run page... live updates being shown on a map. will these updates be related to checkpoint-style data or will participating teams actually be equipped with GPS/uplink type gear (possibly tossing a new model Nextel phone in everyone's ride?) so that the map actually shows movement as opposed to simply progress?

                  either way, sounds really amazing. being from the east i've never participated in the run before. when i become independently wealthy i'll fly all the way to CA, rent some kickass wheels, and see how i do. until that day, i wish all the best to everyone else.

                  p.s. - one other question... will you have the older DCCR DVDs available at this year's con? i downloaded the trailer of the film from race #2 and my interest was certainly peaked.

                  see everyone in vegas.
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                    I have a bunch of 2nd Defcon Cannonball Run DVDs

                    3rd didn't make it out of the computer just yet...

                    Live map might work out with PDA/GPS/GPRS but maybe just phone/milemarker style

                    I plan on trying this:
                    tommEE pickles