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Car rental/gas/room share (San Diego)

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  • Car rental/gas/room share (San Diego)

    Hi all...

    I'm leaving from San Diego at around 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM Thursday morning. I'll be renting a car and have already reserved a two bed room ($50/night total). I want to split the cost of the rental, gas, and room. I plan on leaving Sunday night after Defcon ends but hey... it's VEGAS... I'm flexible. ;-)

    I don't have costs on the car rental, but I'm looking into that now. I do have data from the last time I went to Defcon but I'm sure the prices are subject to availability.

    Please click on my name above and send me a private message if you're interested. Please only reply if you're serious about going and are willing to commit the $$$ necessary to do this.


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    Minor update

    Slight change in plans... I can leave at up to noon if need be. So, I should be able to drive whereever needed to pick up whoever is going with me. Both the hotel room and car rental have been confirmed.

    If you're interested, please Private Message me through this Forum. I will reply with the number to my cell phone. As such, I can be contacted right up to the time I have to leave. The earlier you let me know you're interested, the better.