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AirPrime 555 / EV-DO on OpenBSD?

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  • AirPrime 555 / EV-DO on OpenBSD?

    Hmmff. I've become very frusrated.

    I have an Airprime 5220 EV-DO card, essentially a PCMCIA-based USB modem that supports 1x/EVDO networks, which would give me wireless Internet access up to 800kbps in some areas.

    It works under Linux using the usbserial LKM:

    I've also seen kernel patches for FreeBSD, but I want to get this working under OpenBSD. Strangely enough, the ucom device is supposed to completely support this card, and according to OpenBSD man pages on certain websites, the Airprime card is specifically listed as being supported. The actual man pages for ucom (from OpenBSD 3.7) are identical to those found online with the exception that the Airprime is NOT listed.

    ucom (like the usbserial module for Linux) is supposed to support all USB-based devices that emulate serial lines, and it should detect the Airprime and make it available as a TTY, but it does not. Althougth the card is detected by the uhub driver, it is installed as a generic, unidentified USB device (i.e. ugen) and subsequently disabled by the kernel.

    Does ANYONE have ANY idea what to do? Do I need to write a damn kernel patch of my own (which might be easier than it seems considering the FreeBSD patch is available for analysis), or is there some other option?

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