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    Is there a way to chage the text of a file in DOS. lets say theres a file called texfile.txt. I open cmd and i type cat textfile.txt and i get whats in the text file is there a way to chage the text in the textfile.txt from the cmd window. Thanks a lot

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    As far as I know the "edit" command is still included with Windows. A generic Google search is here.

    Apparently you can also pipe on the command line, again generic Google search here.

    But don't forget Google is your friend(tm) and remember what blackwave would do.

    Edit: This is also an inappropriate forum for your thread.
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      thanks alot


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        Originally posted by ProjectX
        I open cmd and i type cat textfile.txt
        Question: `cat' isn't a standard Windows command - its equivalent is `type'. Are you sure you're not trying to make *nix shell commands work in Windows?

        (Also: moved to correct forum.)


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          Bah, misread the question. Nothing to see here, folks, move along!
          (We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Please, feel free to ignore this post if you so desire.)