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  • DC13 Hard Luck Award

    As part of my method for dealing with my trip through Utan 2 years ago ( I'm once again starting the 'Defcon Hard Luck Award', the award you don't want to win or even be nominated for!

    If you can't laugh at it, what's the point.?

    As with last year (, I'm taking submissions for who had the crappiest trip to or from DC13.

    1. Must take place en route to or from Defcon. Problems while at Defcon don't count, nor before you left or after you got back.

    2. Must have pictures/police report/corpse or other evidence (not in stone, but nice to have anyways)

    3. Must have made it to Defcon or made it home from Defcon (not a requirement if you ended up in the hospital instead of con)

    At the end of August (or whenever I get around to it) The stories will be put to a vote of the assembled forum members and we will see who wins the hard luck award.

    Same with last year, I'll come up with some prize. I'd also like to solicite anyone who has something they'd like to donate as a prize (extra swag, excess grap, whatever). If you had a crappy enough trip to deserve the award, you need to get something!
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    i nominate the guy who drove the rv, fpenguin (isnt a forum member but i can force that to change)...... in the cannonball run none the less

    enroute to the cannonball run start point (and thus defcon), they encountered a closed grapevine (url) and thus had a horrid detour.... durring this detour they found they had a leaking gas tank .... many hours late, they started the race and got to dc in 1 piece (pic)

    on the way home, 30 miles from baker california (pic), they popped a tire (pic) but not the cracked and ugly looking tire everyone was afraid of; after 3 trips to a tire store, they got something that could get them home.... then, outside of bakersfield, the alternator belt broke

    eventually they got home

    ill have to see if there are pictures of these events from a passengers perspective...
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      Lil' Freak and possee.. they get it hands down! That was a big fucking rock!
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        Originally posted by che
        That was a big fucking rock!
        It was also an expensive rock
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          I am glad to know no one got seriously injured when you and the rock collided.


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            Have that puppy bronzed.