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Walsh's Overdue Thanks You's, etc....

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  • Walsh's Overdue Thanks You's, etc....

    Alas, much time has passed since DC 13, and , naturally, I am just getting to posting my thank you, fuck you, etc list, so mea culpa in advance. Granted, this list was compiled awhile ago, but, for the most part, the sentiments are still as strong as they were then... Better late than never perhaps, but I digress- My apologoies in advance to anyone I skipped over, and how long this post will be....

    Thank You's

    To The DC Speakers- Thank you for your time, patience and consideration. It is a difficult task to speak in front of a crowd, and you took the initiative to follow through. Your speeches were chosen for a reason, and I hope it went well.

    To The Organizers of DefCon-

    Dark Tangent (Mr. Tangent, DT, yadda yadda yadda)- Thank you for putting on another excellent DefCon. I regret that I did not get a chance to speak with you this year, but I appreciate all you have done. It is a wretched, horrid pain in the ass to do anything in this city, especially put on a convention. Kudos to you.

    Dead Addict- Ah, DA, after many emails, it was a pleasure to finally meet you in person, and discuss the current developments at hand. Like I said, everything will be fine... It will all work out. I admire your vigilance. Keep writing!

    Goons, Goons Goons Goons Goons- I cannot begin to rave enough about you, Flea, Pescador, Freshman, Che (and everyone else that consisted of the Goon Hospitality Squad)... if it weren’t for you helping me out of that grotesque situation by showing your extraordinary talent as being the hosts with the most via the Goon Hospitality Committee, I would have most likely remained cowered in a corner the entire Con. From the bottom of my corrupt soul, thank you a million times over. I owe you one...

    Renderman- My dear Notorious Canadian Hacker! It was amazing to see you again, and I’m saddened by the fact that I didn’t get to spend more time with you and Grey Frequency and Deviant- nonetheless, it was a pleasure to see you, and meet Grey. I think you have met your match in life, and I wish you both the best in everything. Don’t throw it away, Render, you’ll regret it later on! Trust the journalist on this on- if nothing else

    Deviant- Ah, my sweet Deviant- you never cease to swoon me with your charm. Again, as mentioned above, I regret not seeing you more often- as usual, I fell into my work and the general chaos that is associated with it- I'll make it up to you somehow. Thank you for your endless amount of optimism, even amidst the callousness of me, hahahaha... Who knows where I will be next year- Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, London, New York, DC, lost in my mind... but I can guarantee you that I will make it a point to attend SushiCon if I am still on the same continent!

    Jazz- Where would I have been without you? You are absolutely amazing, and, if it weren’t for you, I would be stuck with a shitty article with my byline on it, and no further contribution. You were my guide when I needed one, and you stood by me... I cannot thank you enough.

    Warlord/Heather- Hot damn I had a blast with you guys! Warlord- our meetings are too few and far between, even though we live in the same city (but you’ve known me for a long time, so you are aware of my work-a-holic syndrome)- yet we always pick up where we leave off, without skipping a beat- we have been through a ton together, and I guarantee you that I will pull my ass out of my addiction to my work to see you more often- because it reminds me that there is life outside of my career- even though I was still on the clock when I was at Con, hahahaha- it never fails. Heather, you're exuberant personality is always something to look forward to, it damn near inspires me to contemplate the notion of wearing pink! No, seriously, I adore you both, and thank you for everything. Nixon loves you.

    Freshman- I cant remember the last time I had so much fun hauling ass to get someone a goddamn drink of water! You remind me so much of someone who is very dear to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed your company- I’m glad I met you.

    To All Of Those That I Interviewed: Thank you for your time and patience. I tried the best with the piece, and hopefully you found it satisfactory. Hackers generally get a bad wrap, and are misunderstood. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to listen to your opinion, and allow me to quote you. It is a shame that reality becomes so distorted sometimes that misconceptions reign. The trick is to dispel such myths, and, we are lucky if we shed light on them and cause at least one person to question his/her own frame of reference in our lifetime. It is easy to fall into some sort of nihilistic rant, and take the stance that in the end, it doesn’t really matter, because nothing will change. Perhaps, perhaps not. I'd rather waste my time, as it were, doing what I want than following the masses to the slaughterhouse... At least then Id know that I lived my life on my own accord to some degree than to none....

    Al-K-Lloyd- I’m sure I messed up the spelling- oops! Again, my intentions to have a longer, more fulfilling and blah blah blah conversation were cut short- that is something I am not content about, but I would like to fix that next time you are here.

    The Shmoo- You are all fantastic- Next time I’m accompanying you to Buffalo Exchange! Thanks again for the good times-maybe I’ll catch you at ShmooCon-

    Che- I am falling into that whole cliché of "saving the best for last," though I am trying to operate on some egalitarian ideals.... I have met many people, some more memorable than others, but you are one of the most remarkable, phenomenal individuals I have ever encountered. Ironic, for I consider you the highlight of DefCon for me this year- and I had absolutely no expectations of any of it... Thank you, for it all. No matter what may or may not occur, understand this much- that you will never fade from my memory. I did, and always will, appreciate the attempt, and regret the aftermath.....

    Fuck You's-

    Hmmmm, there is only one that comes to mind, and he had exactly what was coming to him. Note to the asshole that tried to trip me up- Don’t fuck with a journalist that knows her (in this case) shit- You have the audacity to try to misquote me, and you paid for it--- you really, really paid for it. Note to you- you are the epitome of everything you claim the mainstream media is, and it is people like you that make many ethical (yes, they do exist) journalists shake their heads and think to themselves, "Why the fuck do we bother?" I wish I could say you are a pathetic excuse for existence, but that would give you too much credit- for that comment assumes that you are above the level of nothing- you are less than scum. Next time, get your quote right, you douchebag....