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Multi Win versions on Wireless Network

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  • Multi Win versions on Wireless Network

    I have searched google and the n00b section, nothing. Anyway, I have Windows ME computer, a XP SP1 laptop, and an XP SP2 laptop, I was wondering how you would go about sharing an internet connection wirelessly between them without a router (ad-hoc). I know how to do it on all XP SP2s, but how do I do it with these?

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    Ad-hoc is the strangest thing to get working. My advice, buy a AP or router, it's just easier.
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      Originally posted by renderman
      Ad-hoc is the strangest thing to get working. My advice, buy a AP or router, it's just easier.
      I agree. A common element in your feature/bug-hunting equation will solve a lot of unknowns.

      Even with 3-4 terminals running seemingly equivelant OSs is a pain in the (network port). Enduring it for a while is also a fantastic learning curve however.

      Windows is notoriosly difficult due to increasing network feature releases until a few years ago, versus network depleting security enhancements up till now.

      My tuppence anyhow, I only have experience in ad-hoc networks required when friends visit unexpectedly.
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        Ad-Hoc is a lot more difficult than microsoft says it is. It is definitely not a 'Simple Solution to Networking without a router'. Anyways, I managed to set up the ad-hoc network, when I tried to enable Internet connection sharing, it said that a LAN was using the ip address that was needed for automatic ip address setup or something. So I disabled the connection, enabled the conection sharing, then enabled the connection. All that did was make neither computers internet work.. I'm so confused!