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  • Remembrance...

    Gentlemen and ladies.

    Non withstanding the current aftermath after Katrina, please take a moment of remembrance today.

    4 years ago today, the New York skyline, and our world changed drastically when fanatics hijacked and steered four passenger aircrafts into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. One of the hijacked planes never reached its intended target, most plausibly due to heroic actions by the passengers and crew aboard.
    Over 3000 lives were lost due to these terrorist actions, and our world will never be the same again.
    In the same way our parents generation won't forget where they were, when they first heard about the J.F.K. assasination, our generation won't forget where they were and what they did on september 11'th 2001.
    During the day, please take a minute to reflect over the heroism shown that day, by the PD, FD, EMS and those samaritans that rushed to the crashsites to help.

    In Denmark we have a tradition on V.E day, of putting a lit candle in all our windows in the evening, to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom during WWII.

    I will be doing the same this evening, in remembrance of the victims of 9/11-2001, in remembrance of those that gave their lives trying to save the inhabitants of the WTC, in recognition of the heroism shown in so many ways that day, as well as a symbol of my appreciation to all those who fight in the war against terrorism today.

    Feel free to do the same.

    Thanks for reading.

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