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Converting Layer 2 802.11 frames to....

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  • Converting Layer 2 802.11 frames to....

    Alright the last post I made was
    Im running fedora core 3 on an old vaio. Everythings cool and ethereal and kismet are catching the 802.11 frames but now I actually want to convert them into something I can understand. For instance if one of those frames contained IE traffic, I would want that. My question to you is, how do I get it? If the frame contained AIM traffic or ICQ traffic or telnet traffic, how would I get it?
    -Thanks anti

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    I think I understand what you are asking, but how is the output of Ethereal not what you want. Ethereal parses out AIM, ICQ, HTTP, and telnet traffic, so what is that program lacking?


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      i know what he means.

      The data in ethereal is not simplified enough for him.

      I think he would want to know exactly what the victim is viewing in IE or what they're saying in MSN.

      anti-social: the only way to indicate what each frame means is to look at the data and break it down in your head, after a while you will slowly start to notice what each packet does, i.e. beacons ect...


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        Dsniff might be something to look into.
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          or hunt along these lines.. or for a quick jumpstart, something like this
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