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  • DC719 Meeting

    What: DC719 Meeting
    When: September 17, 2005 @ 8pm
    Where: Xtreme Online (Next to Longs Drugs and Cowboys)

    For more information or directions see our web site:

    Hope to see everyone there.
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    I Have Been a long time DCG member, (Frostbite).... DC719 peeps! Ok so I just moved out of 719 for school, Thinking of maybe setting up DC970 Meetings, I know a few like minded security peeps, but not enough probably. Umm H3adrush, Russ, kai, etc from 719 any way that if I got a Meeting set up for sure you guys could make it? Just to boost the # of peeps. I am Thinking of making a bunch of fliers and putting them in every computer lab and on every "Used Book" board. BTW I am in greeley, CO at UNC. So Fort Collins is only like 20mins away. I have Access to a SWEET! Computer lab with projection system and lab puters if you dont have a laptop. If anyone from 719 could make it, or anywhere else, that would be awsome. Also I found a GREAT place to snatch some Street Cleaner Bristles... Made a Sickly set of picks! Sorry to ramble on, The main point is I would like to contact some peeps about setting up the DC970 Group Officially.
    -Frostbite [ICE_MUPPET]
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      Originally posted by ICE_MUPPET
      DC719 peeps
      security peeps
      the # of peeps
      some peeps
      What are you saying here? That your entire cadre of attendees is entirely composed of seasonally-themed marshmallow candy? English, man, English.


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        Will KISS be the opening or closing band?
        if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.