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    Dutch kind of let the cat out of the bag in another thread, but oh well.

    As many of you remember, Blackwave started the Church of Wifi many years ago. Not much came of it, a few tools were released, many a joke was made about the book of Wifi. Some of you might also remember he was wanting to start a site to act as an umbrella site for all the great Wifi knowledge that is out there.

    Since his departure to parts unknown, many of his domains came up for sale. I was lucky enough to grab and With the help of Streaker69 and a bunch of the regulars on the NS forums, we've combined Blackwaves projects and relaunched the Reformed Church of Wifi.

    It's a site for us wardriving geeks to post out how-to's, faq's and all the little tidbits of info we've accumulated, and combine them into 'the book of Wifi'

    All respect to Blackwave and everyone associated with the original CoWF, I just could'nt let the idea die. Not trying to replace the first church, just to continue it's work.

    Just a heads up and a call for anyone to submit any writing they might have, no matter how big or small, on the subject of Wifi to contribute to the good book. You can join us by filling out the join request and providing us with samples of your work, or links. If you just want to add something, contact a member and we can add your work to the FAQ or link to it.
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