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Royale with Cheese and Super Mario Bros.

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  • Royale with Cheese and Super Mario Bros.

    I read this, and I would love some feedback on it.... Dont hold anything back! Chances are, you already know about the dynamic collaboration between Nintendo and McDonalds, but share your opinion... Indulge and enjoy.

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    i'm a little disappointed by the way the deal is arranged, but i can't say that i'm surprised. mcdonald's has made a huge push in recent years to market almost exclusively to low-income areas. (see older installments of aaron mcgruder's comic strip the Boondocks for a great criticism of this phenomenon.) their phony-philanthropic "poor people don't have internet so we'll offer wi-fi" plan is just one more way that they hope to entice people to eat their crappy food.

    i believe in public Wi-Fi systems if they are free and unfettered. this sounds like a plan to allow only nintendo's portable gaming device, which i'm sure must have some monthly fee, right? god, remember the days when online play was totally free and you didn't need a credit card and all that just to get some quake going on? i'm not ranting from the standpoint of the crumugeon who doesn't want to pay money for anything, by the way... i feel that when user fees are introduced, it makes people want to play games more often. the "i'm paying for this... better not let it go to waste" mantra starts to be chanted inside people's minds. i long for free wi-fi that's so ubiquitos that it results in people just taking the internet for granted... not being fascinated by it or addicted to it, just letting it be one more background component of their lives.

    ah well, drifting off topic a bit. anything that gets us closer to free wi-fi is a plus in my book. i frown upon anything that limits access to certain users, credit card holders, or owners of specific technologies.
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      I think it's more a case of 'The kids have thier gameboy with them, so lets provide a service for them to play against other kids while in the restaurant'.

      I bet parents are just going to love the hissy fits when Jr. gets the snot kicked out of him in a game by some random person in the restarant.

      I can see the logic, but It's still dumb
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        It will up the sale of Big Mac's and will keep teen-agers in the restaurant (I use the term loosely) longer. Free enterprise. It won't effect me however...I don't eat at Micky D's and don't care for on-line games. However, I may be tempted to examine the stock more closely, there has to be money made out of this deal.
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          I think on the one side it is a good thing, kids just love to play games on those things and why not while you're eating a nice cheeseburger. However, I don't think it very nice for the people you're with that don't have it, the point I'm trying to make is, it is not very social.

          I also would like to add that it is quite an oppertunity for nintendo to even sell consoles and/or games at mcdonalds.

          (sorry for my bad english in some sentences)


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            I don't see anything bad about it. Given, My friends and I like Nintendo and Mcdonalds so we may be a bit biased.
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