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Tearing apart Server 2003 processes?

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  • Tearing apart Server 2003 processes?

    I am in need of a program which in essence will allow me to gain deeper insight into why certain applications of a winblowz system crash. I know I cant decompile the applications and then run them to a breakpoint.

    See I am a network admin for a large financial services firm. The network admin which I have replaced had a policy of "If it breaks restart it" hence the reason why I have replaced him. I need to know any applications that would help me diagnose application hangs and failures beyond the usual event logs and error codes produced by winblowz.


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    You can generate a crashlog that will capture your BSOD information, which can be sent top Microsoft along with your first born child and they may let you know exactly where the issue resides. I wonder if you can educate yourself in BSOD codes. I have found it easier to do things right amd make sure things stay right rather than to try to deduce every single issue that may occur to a server. As such, W2K3 Server is the most stable Windows platform I have ever used.


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      Originally posted by astcell
      information, which can be sent top Microsoft along with your first born child
      I thought it was just the "blood" of your first born. You know part of that whole push to make M$ seem more friendly and human so now no longer do they require your first born just a few pints.
      Did Everquest teach you that?


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        Maybe somthing like SoftICE may be of interest to you? Check this out for some other information on it.

        Unfortunetly, I don't have the funds available to try it out, but maybe somone else has some ideas?