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Wireless Monitoring - Getting Gateway and DNS adresses?

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  • Wireless Monitoring - Getting Gateway and DNS adresses?

    I am using Commview for Wifi to monitor the IPs and MAC adresses of the some of the Access Points. Most of these APs dont use any encryption but they have MAC filtering and gateway/dns adresses.

    MAC filtering is not a problem. But how can i learn the subnet mask( most probably ), gateway (AP's IP adress?) and DNS server adresses (prefered and alternative)?

    I cant use any other program, my card (Dlink DWL-G520) can only run with Commview for Wifi under Windows XP. And i dont yet installed linux (had problems with my card, waiting for my friend to download Ubuntu 5.10). If there is no way to learn these with XP which programs can i use under linux to get gateway and DNS adresses of APs (Kismet?) and how.


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    The easiest way is to ask the administrator of those APs what their network settings are.

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      xen01 .. i would probaly go with Knoppix Std as a OS Its loaded with goodies,plus its a live boot distro so theres no need to load it on your hardrive.Ubuntu is alright but has a ways to go when it comes to supportive drivers.From what i can tell your Dlink DWL-G520 will work fine in Knoppix Std
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        If you are picking up a dhcp lease through the bridged connection, another good way is to ipconfig /all your interface.. it will show all the details you desire. This can be combined with windows scripting to automate some tasks if you put a fingers worth of effort towards it.
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          I assume you have permission for said testing.
          Furthermore, Try


          Both are really nice live cd's. I prefer networksecuritytoolkit.
          One of the developers presented in Vegas this year. The scripts are very useful.
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