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    DISCLAIMER: i do not know if this constitutes spam, since some people asked me about these items both during my talk and at times since then. if this is not the thing to post here, please feel free to move it to /dev/null

    After my lockpicking talks at Shmoo and DefCon, people often ask where to obtain affordable pick sets or spiffy tools. (my tubular pick tool is one that often elicits a lot of questions)

    anyway, i do a lot of buying from Southern Ordinance and i saw today that they're having some sort of holiday sale. About a dozen popular items are offered at reduced prices, but what caught my eye was the fact that their tubular picks are only $59 right now. i might even pick up an extra one in order to let people play with it during my hands-on practice sessions. (i'm too guarded with the one i have at the moment, no one gets to try it out, hehe)

    so, yeah, just passing the word along to those who had asked me about the tools in the past. hope to see some of you at my lockpicking table at ShmooCon.
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