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RFS: Reverse-cut Defcon stickers

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  • RFS: Reverse-cut Defcon stickers

    RFS == Request For Swag.

    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered and received my Defcon Zippo. As a bonus, the package included an assortment of Defcon stickers, one of which was the white-print 'Defcon' phrase logo on a neutral (read: clear) background. The sticker in question was appoximately 1.5"x7", and blended in quite nicely with my Jeep's bumper.

    This is a nifty thing, but if we could get the same sticker in a reverse-cut (i.e., designed to be plastered facing outwards on glass), that would be good. The elements don't tend to be kind to traditional stickers here in Southern California, and being able to place them somewhere where the sun won't be as unpleasant to them would be good.