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DEFCON now has an RSS feed!

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  • DEFCON now has an RSS feed!

    DEFCON now has an RSS feed. I plan to use it to announce all things related to DEFCON from news stories, speakers, new content, and services.

    The first entry is a link to the DC 14 FAQ. Check it out and let me know if it doesn't work right in your feed reader. It seems that different readers render it differently!
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    RSS Feed question

    I am working on getting the RSS stuff more automated and happy, and have the following question.

    First the background. Right now I post news articles and some information about the con. With the new content coming up (Past speeching are going to be release for D/L) I have the option of making RSS entries with "podcast" entries and iTues specific tagging, which will make it real nice if you use iTunes to organize pst conference content.

    Now the question. Should I have two seperate RSS feeds, one for news and such, and one that only grows bigger and bigger as I add all past conference content? That way you can hit the content RSS feed and get all past content into iTunes.
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