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Minutes of DC4420 meeting - Thursday 15th December, London.

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  • Minutes of DC4420 meeting - Thursday 15th December, London.

    In attendance:

    Major Malfunction
    Cyber Junkie
    Ian Cook
    FFC (Father Christmas)


    1. Format of future meets.

    It was agreed that the format would be:

    All attendees sign in and introduce themselves
    All attendees will endeavour to present a talk
    Talk topics will be written on the flip-chart and then selected by popular vote
    Talks will be limited to 2 hours overall
    Attendees are encouraged to bring tech and spend time on workshops/projects

    2. Time and dates of future meets.

    It was agreed that the 3rd Thursday of the month would be the regular date. Time would be 19:30, with formal kick-off at 20:00. The next meeting date was set for:

    Thursday, 19th January, 2006

    3. Location

    It was agreed that the Hand & Flower is a good location, although currently slightly expensive. Major Mal will continue to subsidise this until beer/food consumption reaches a point that makes it free (in the meantime, any contributions gratefully received :). FYI, the cost of the room is £150, and the expenditure level required is £1,000. As it's going to be a regular meet, they have agreed to reduce the £150 but we are not sure by how much yet.

    The benefits of the location were discussed, and it was generally agreed that having our own space with power, tables, projection facilities, food and private bar provided for a far more productive environment than being squeezed in the corner of a pub or internet cafe, and so justified the expenditure.

    Unfortunately, they will be shutting down for refurbishment in February, so we will need to find a temporary location for the next one or possibly two meets. However, they are part of a group of pubs, so have agreed to try and accommodate us somewhere else. They have also agreed to install broadband as part of the refurb.

    Location details:

    4. Group rules

    "The first rule of DC4420 is you do talk about DC4420"

    "The second rule of DC4420 is you do talk at DC4420"

    "The third rule of DC4420 is that if this is your first night at DC4420 then you will talk"

    A by-law was introduced (by Father Christmas), that if your talk is a company pitch, then you will buy a round of drinks for the entire room.

    5. Missions


    Major Mal volounteered to host a web server, and Zim offered to webmaster it. Details will be published shortly.


    Attendees were asked to come up with ideas for a logo. We'll create a spot on the webserver for this.

    This concluded the official business.

    As no other talk subjects were proposed, Major Mal took the easy option and presented his IrDA talk.

    Other topics discussed were:

    Strange Access Point traffic from Intel access points... "Repunzel The Bells!". These packets appear to be part of the master/slave setup, and it was dicussed that it may be possible to introduce a rogue slave to the network if the traffic was better understood. Major Mal will post some packet dumps when the webserver is up and running.

    Traffic lights. The possibility of forcing lights to change to green by flashing normal visible light at the right frequency was discussed. Also, the use of DECT for master/slave control at complex traffic light junctions raises some interesting possibilites for research.

    GSM call encryption. Rodolfo talked about his company's software only call encryption products (and so owes us all a drink). They have an evaluation program going, so you may be able to get free anti-spook toolz...

    The meeting closed at around 23:30, and the barman asked if he could join... :)

    All in all, it was a good start, and was reasonably attended despite the short notice. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of you in January, but in the meantime, season's greeting from all at DC4420, and happy holidays!

    "In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...

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    That was very cool

    Thanks for taking the time to write that up!
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