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AT&T Daytona DB and the NSA

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  • AT&T Daytona DB and the NSA

    I was doing research on ameture satellite like AX.25 etc. and came across a Q&A done with Bruce Shreiner with the subject being the NSA SatCom network. It basiclly questioned wether or not they are aiming there trancievers toward innocent citizens communications( as if it's even a question of if they are or aren't.)

    Once I reached about the third reply from Bruce S. he mentioned the contract that AT&T and the NSA has had for almost two decades(established ~1987,) where the telephone company AT&T had used some chip which was specificlly designed as a backdoor into the Network Access Points of the telco. He mentioned a dedicated database AT&T has setup that the NSA can access through some backdoor that allows them to literally view phone records from any american citizen. After doing some searching I found this site on the AT&T HTTP server which makes the "Daytona Database" look like some customer service system; anyone have any input on this database?

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    Interesting. So the Daytona servers are accessable online through a backdoor that was made for the NSA to get phone records without having to get any autorization from AT&T themselves? Hmm. If that's the case, I think that it's probably been, is being, and will be abused because if you don't need AT&T's approval, then essencially you don't need a sopena saying that you need to seize the records in order to get them. Damn. Is Bellsouth a branch of AT&T by chance?