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post-shmoocon... woots, sorrys, and thank-yous

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  • post-shmoocon... woots, sorrys, and thank-yous

    may every diety and force of goodwill in the universe grant me the strength and composure to write sensibly in this post, because the entire shmoocon weekend is still classifiable as a surreal memory for me at this point. after some further reflection and perhaps review of people's comments and photos it will all settle down in my mind.

    for now, suffice it to say that the group totally outdid themselves again, that things went especially well, and that this event is fast on its way to being one of the most popular east coast cons around.


    first and foremost, massive thumbs up and warm embraces to the shmoo group and their families, whose efforts in pulling this off bore such fruit. from speaker selection to event logistics to the overall mission and goal of the con, everything was great. their intent is to make this event one with a high clue and fu factor but not sacrifice on the fun and energetic craziness... success on all fronts.

    much praise for the dedicated goon volunteers -- many of whom we knew from defcon, of course -- that showed up for shifts, kept us from getting out of hand with each other (and with the fuckwads upstairs), and dedicated so much of their time to ushering things along.

    thumbs up to the A/V crew... these presentations operated with swiss precision thanks to your preparedness, proper setup of screens, sound, and equipment. major praise to the guy who nearly ran himself dead making video recordings of everything. i can't wait to get some DVDs of the speakers.

    and my god, the speakers! (heh, ok... so i might be biased in that comment... but the whole lineup was amazing... there was almost not a single time slot where i wasn't bemoaning the laws of physics which prevent a person from being in more than one place at the same time) most memorable for me were simple nomad, render and thorn's wi-fi work, the anonym.os team, and the BoF organized by valk & cygnus... those presentations were terrific in all the right ways: informative, engaging, and presented with finesse.


    to anyone with whom i wanted to spend more time but was unable, next time we'll find more hours in the day. also, i felt really bad about how frenzied things got at the very end of con when i was breaking down all the picks and sample lock gear, trying to get to peoples' cars, and couldn't keep straight everyone who was talking to me, etc. i feel especially bad about never making my way back to the hacker arcade where we had said we'd assist the staff with popping open the lock on the skill crane... i don't know where we ended up but i hope that they got things sorted out ok.

    thank yous...

    there's more than i could ever adequately mention here, but i'll do my best.

    octal & GM1 - we're all easygoing, we all snore, and we can sleep through anything... what little we sleep. i couldn't think of who could have made for more perfect roommates. anytime you all feel like splitting a room in the future, just give a shout. (and big thanks to GM1 for all the work on smooshicon... only one table this year got whacked with the slow-food stick, and that's not half bad considering the size of our group. i would count it as a successful event most certainly.)

    fishsticks, redx, and phil - way to make it to D.C., even when it looked unlikely. you guys kick ass, and i'll always be glad to hang with you. thanks for tolerating how hectic i can get on speaking days.

    virosa & tara - way to slide in through the eBay door, man. wouldn't have been the same without you there... and thanks to tara for surrendering you to us for the weekend and hanging with the crew on the last day.

    eric - yang to my yin, your hyperactivity contrasts with my mellow side and somehow we both wind up in the right zone when we're hanging together. hope the final leg of your train journey went alright... we never heard from you late last night, possibly due to your annihilated voice or to the remaining bottle of rum we left with you.

    renderman & grey freq - if eric is the yang to my yin... then you are both the super-ultra-double-dark yin to my mere mortal one. no matter how much life throws at you, i never see either of you raise voices to a shout or furrow brows in frustration for more than the shortest instant. your cool, collected, pleasant nature is what the world needs. (heh, if there's anyone else who could manage to crack an unknown safe on stage in front of a crowd and keep a level head at the same time, i certainly don't know them.) you're always eager to stop and talk if someone needs something or has a question... and always observing with your wide-angle lenses in order to see the clues that no one else notices (like grey and the badge puzzle). you guys are great... thanks for surfing a wave of fate that washed up on the same beach where i did.

    mouse - what can i say... at con you are the air in my lungs that keeps me alive. none of what little i actually manage to pull off could be possible without your support and energy. all analogies involving eastern symbols are out the window when i try to describe you... you supercede simile and metaphor. (and anyone who knows me is aware that when i can't find an analogy about something, i've become seriously tounge-tied.) thank you for being you... and for doing so around me. i can't think of anything greater than that. =)

    thorn - you are the epitome, to me, of why this community is outstanding. you came from a totally separate background (well, like .gov people, LEOs are naturally related to the security community... but i doubt there was much wi-fi going on at the station house in the past) and took it upon yourself to learn the ins and outs of a technology that interested you. with no formal training and only your dedication and desire to learn you became one of the most recognizable names in the 802.11 world. and despite all this, your laid back and unassuming nature keeps all of us from getting star-struck when speaking with you.

    ck3k - you're a cool cat with spiffy bits of knowledge, man... big thanks for the heads-up about victorinox making those swissbit devices. never would have noticed them in the radio shack if you hadn't mentioned them.

    xodia - seems like random chance that we bump into one another at the most unpredictable moments, but it's always a good time when we do.

    twinvega - you're like a wind-up toy... but instead of turning a key in your back one need only but alcohol in your hands, then sit back and watch the fun commence.

    noid - stories about obscure gun laws, fancy ballistics, and hair-raising interstate commerce... i couldn't have asked for more at three in the morning on friday. you also fall into the category for me of "someone who i have a terrific time hanging with but never manage to see for long enough." maybe i'll be able to make it out to your BBQ one year when things are more low key and everyone can just chill.

    freshman - way to keep things together for us at shmoocon, man. you're a terrific guy who goes way above and beyond what one person should contribute in terms of time and energy. major thanks to working so hard for us in D.C. next con perhaps your job description will allow you to settle into a comfy chair and raise a glass calmly for a short while. i'll buy.

    valkyrie & cygnus - your event was more than just a talk, it was a BoF in the truest sense. i wish we had all been able to grab couches and pull them together in a circle, discussing the "trusted advisor" myth/question for the evening.

    panthera - sorry that you couldn't make it with us this year. you slid your admission slots our direction, but we would have traded that in order to see you. come home safe from the sandbox.

    to every single attendee who showed up, had the right attitude, and contributed energy and fu to the whole scene - you make cons what they are, and this time was no exception. extra-special thanks to everyone who woke up early on sunday in order to come to my talk. (and thank you to the shmoo organizers who pushed the first sunday slot back an hour to 10:00 this year.)

    i'm more than certain that there are names i'm omitting, people i'm forgetting, and general memory errors that are preventing this list from being complete. the edit button will be used as my mind settles down and sorts things through more completely with time.

    of course, last but in no way least...

    beetle, bruce, heidi, and every other member the shmoo group - your mission with shmoocon was to bring people together not for profit or gain... but that was exactly the ultimate result. however, the gain wasn't yours... it was ours. each of us who attended -- and the hacker community as a whole -- was made stronger, wiser, and better in a very real and meaningful way through your efforts. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for starting this event. i look forward to attending year after year.
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    "I'll admit I had an OiNK account and frequented it quite often… What made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world's greatest record store… iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don't feel cool when I go there. I'm tired of seeing John Mayer's face pop up. I feel like I'm being hustled when I visit there, and I don't think their product is that great. DRM, low bit rate, etc... OiNK it existed because it filled a void of what people want."
    - Trent Reznor

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    Deviant and Render, thank you for an outstanding lock-picking demo! Even at two hours most everyone wanted to keep going.

    To all at Shmoo, thanks for making my first con experience an unforgettable one.


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      My what a good time Shmoocon was. Excellent talks and even more excellent folks, so lets just get thumbs ups and the much asked for butt kicking's:

      Thumbs up to:

      Ck3k: Great times. It was funny how often it would be you and I wanting to see talks/wander around in the freezing god damn cold together finding food when no one else would. Rock on.

      Twinvega: Gosh, the amounts of good times I had with you are hard to count. Actually they are more just hard to remember. What the hell was up with those guys with the white board in their room? Or the vague memories of us flashing people in the lobby while someone was taking pictures (I'm sure I'll find out what that was about here soon). Oh yeah, someone pissed their pants too. That guy sucked.

      Crash: You were the voice of reason in the group when you weren't hurting your leg. It was good to have at least one fairly level headed person about.

      Deviant: Is Kurt there? Great times running into you all over the place for the second con in a row. Good times follow us around nearly as much as the ladies do.

      Yankee: Its good talking to another man from my neck of the woods. By all means we have to hang out more this year at Defcon.

      Alklloyd: Good talking to you, as usual. As far as I am concerned we scored ourselves major pimp points by getting the Amway girl into the party. What can I say, we're playas' to the highest degree.

      Sara, the Amway girl: Wink wink, nudge nudge*, thanks.

      Jackalope and Golgo: Its too bad the elevator rave didn't work out. I'll come prepared at Defcon though, so watch out. :)

      The guys with the parking meter in their room that I met last Defcon but still can't remember their names: You guys rock. Thanks for allowing Vega and I to use your room as a prank call headquarters for a bit.

      Kurt Streuker: Thanks for all the phone calls at your expense.

      Thorn: Great finally meeting you. Hope to buy you a beer and talk more next con.

      Render: I enjoyed your talk, running into you all those times and watching as you slowly got more stressed collecting badges with Grey. It worked out in the end though!

      Grey: Its good to see Render has a good gal to keep him in line. Great talking to you at the ToorCon Party.

      GM1: Good accent on your prank calls. 10 points.

      Meee: We didn't hang out nearly enough. That must be fixed this Defcon.

      Che: You took some compromising pictures of me in the lobby and when I can remember what they were of, I'm totally kicking your ass. :)

      The following people need a butt kickin':

      Amway: You all gave me far too many dirty looks, snickering insults and ridiculously stupid chants for me to tolerate. I took your women by storm though, so suck it! Woo ha!

      The guys that wanted Vega and I to prove ourselves by giving a talk in their room: What the fuck was that all about? Did you actually think that we would give an impromptu talk in your room (complete with white board diagrams) just to prove ourselves to people we don't care about in the first place? I think not.

      Dataworm: I'm totally kidding, you rocked and it was good seeing you again. I just didn't feel like scrolling up. :) I hope Recon goes well for you this year.

      Well, thats my thanks and complaints. If I forgot anyone I'm sorry, I'll get to you once this type of post rolls around for Defcon...if the haze hasn't made me forget you then too.
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      The dude abides.


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        I too had a blast at Shmoocon. This was my first, and provided they continue to do them, wont be my last.


        First and foremost, The Shmoo Group. As a fellow con organizer, I know the pain you go through to put this stuff on; it's something that most sane people wouldnt subject themselves to. Your organization (at least from a 3rd party perspective) was flawless. Everyone did their part and made the event happen seamlessly from an attendee perspective. I'd also like to thank you guys for the kind words about LayerOne. We all gotta support one another.

        I had a blast meeting up with old friends, as well as making new ones. One of the problems I have at Defcon is that due to my involvement with the con I dont get as much time as I'd like to sit down with people I know, and even less time to make new friends. I enjoyed getting to catch up with Al, Deviant, Jackalope and Golgo, Cygnus, Che, and the Neg9 kids. I also enjoyed meeting new people like Yankee, Mouse, Troy, TypeOS, SkyDog, and Decode.

        Special thanks to Che for the homebrew! That porter was out of this world.

        Also big thanks to everyone who showed up to the event with the right attitude and contributed to the con itself by being a part of it, rather than being a bystander.

        I think I only have one big FUCK YOU to hand out, and thats to whoever stole the PSP. Is your desire to have 'stuff' so great that you're willing to fuck over people to get it? Its people like you that hurt the scene and give a bad rep to us all. I hope someone rams that thing up your ass sideways.

        I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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          arg, how could my mind have flaked out so...

          che - you are one terrific guy. can't say it better or clearer than that. sorry i missed out on the homebrew. at least we got to settle down together for some food post-con. more time next time, that is a must.

          meee - you are a very hip and cool gal, i have to say. your suits were simply adorable, and your soft, collected manner was a terrific contrast to the craziness happening all around. thanks for being a spot of soothing amid the madness.

          jackalope, et. al. - you guys seem to have more energy than most people i've seen. typically mellow, yet never asleep... some terrific late-night and early-morning times seeing you guys. and at defcon, i totally concur with the notion of an elevator rave.

          more praise for people as thoughts keep coming to me.
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          "I'll admit I had an OiNK account and frequented it quite often… What made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world's greatest record store… iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don't feel cool when I go there. I'm tired of seeing John Mayer's face pop up. I feel like I'm being hustled when I visit there, and I don't think their product is that great. DRM, low bit rate, etc... OiNK it existed because it filled a void of what people want."
          - Trent Reznor


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            I got to start this off, I will edit later if need be.

            Deviant Ollam - Thanks a whole bunch, you have gotten me interested in lockpicking and let me stash stuff in your room, what more can a guy ask for.

            Mouse - For being the human swiss army knife, need to talk to you about some of those cool little toys.

            Dre - for driving us around, and always being so gracious with us odd west coasters.

            Twinvega - for dragging my ass to the freezing east coast year after year.

            Crash - for coming along to give neg9 a presense, as well as not doing to bad at the hack or halo bit.

            Noid - never really got to sit down and talk before, great to finally do so always enjoy a good story. I also love the cider, might have to get a bit larger quanity one of these days.

            Che - homebrew as always (my fav. is still your rusian stout) I am always glad to see you, because fun times are sure to ensue.

            Octalpussy - for being my hacker mom (she is going to kill me for this comment.)

            Renderman and Thorn - for bringing the CoWF back to a place it should be, I know blackwave would be happy to see where it is going. (Thorn, going to buy your console hacking book, I thumbed through it, looks great)

            Alklloyd - It wouldn't be a con without an orange shirt.

            Dataworm - For having a good time, and as always being a fun guy to hang out with.

            Jackalope - It is always fun to kick it, love the music, I am sure one day I will be selling my jackalope t-shirts on ebay when your famous ;)

            Xodia - it was a blast going to some talks, and to chipoltle multiple times, and as of course that one Amway chick ;)

            Kenfury - one word....jager (well and being cool.)

            GM1 - formost being a fun guy to hang out with and talk over the sweet smell of a clove.

            gdead (Bruce Potter) - thanks for having a great con, I filled in for you on hack or halo, at least made it to the second round.

            Beetle - we met breifly at the toorcon party, nice to feel so welcome at a con that is all the way across the country.

            Shmoo group in genral - I am young and feel that this is one of the cons I acually want to learn at, you have created a great place for me to meet others and have some great discussions.

            oh last but not least Frequency, you got me one of those spiffy moose clips, you rock, sorry for always calling you something else, I promise to try my best not to anymore.

            "Bow to my con....arrrrrhhhhhhhhhh."

            Noid, that sucks to hear about the psp, I had mine on me, it is a fun little toy which with a little hacking can be one hell of an awesome device. I was controlling the skill crane with mine. I hope whoever took it is able to face up and bring it back to defcon and give it back to the community which you stole it from.
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            I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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              It was fun. Nice company, nothing major happened, no hospitalizations, just a few sore liver’s.

              Anyway now to the point: I want to thank the following.

              Valkyrie: For letting me stay with you during shmoocon and the friendly advice.

              Octalpuss: For making stay on that blasted diet (at least I lost 25 lbs).

              Cygnus: You and Valkyrie had a nice discussion about trusted advisors. Keep up the good work

              Rodney: Thanks for the humor

              Che: Avoid any additional head trauma. I was glad to see personally that you are ok. However, if for some reason your left side goes numb, go see medical assistance as soon as possible.

              Noid: For the ride to the airport and for just being there and to hang around when things were slow and for the nicotene.

              Kenfury: For coordinating all of us to make it there in the first place and for the multiple offers of alcoholic beverages which I wasn’t allowed to consume due to earlier mentioned diet.

              Ck3k: It was nice seeing you again.

              Crash: You need to talk more. But it was nice that you could join us to DC and thank you for the shell account while I was there.

              Renderman and girlfriend: For giving a good talk / figuring out the badge pattern.

              DJ Jackalope and crew: For lunch at the sushi place

              GM1: For coordinating Smooshicon

              Eric M: For infiltrating the MLM conference like I did

              Mouse: For giving me a one on one lecture on lockpicking

              Deviant Ollam: Thank you for letting me hang around you and your crew. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your presentation.

              Alklloyd: For joining us for lunch on Monday

              Astcell: Thank you for dropping by and saying hi.

              Xodia: I only remember you as a blur, probably because I was running around a lot.

              To those I miss: Please remember I am terrible with names and faces. I want to thank you for being there.

              Shmoocon coordinators/goonsquad
              My many thanks

              Club fur: thanks for putting us in cramped quarters and having me walk down the block where I could’ve been attacked by the multiple undesirables down the street because you don’t want to call me a cab at night.

              MLM Crowne Group: For showing us that there can be scene ho’s who try to flaunt their wealth while fleecing the poor.

              Yellow Taxi service: For refusing to give me a ride back from fur.



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                Al K. Lloyd's Response to ShmooCon

                The Shmoos did a fantastic job with the con. Thanks, guys (and gals). I didn't hang out much with the Shmoos...I remember one of them had a really cute wife. The talks were top-notch (Render's and anonym.os were great).
                People: Noid (got to buy him a beer), Mouse (what energy), Xodia (always good times), Crash (nice to meet you), Octal (what can you say, she's Octal), Meee (looking good and nice to see you again), all the Seattle crew, Che (I'll check your homebrew at DC14?), Jackalope (lights up the room wherever she is) and her SO, GM1 (the 1st friendly face I saw when I got in on Wednesday), Grey F (there are people you instantly like, they are few...but she's one of them), Ck3k (he's Ck3k), TwinVega (he's TwinVega), Thorn (eventually we'll get a chance to talk, not that I could enlighten you on any tech matters :>), Astcell (probably the 1st person I met at DC10 that I actually liked), Thanks to Digiunix I got a falafal. Had a nice steak dinner with DC404. I also ran into Deviant, Freshman, and Rodney. And I'm forgetting people, I'm sure.

                Someone was asking: "Will ShmooCon 2007 happen?"
                There has to be a Shmoocon 2007, because there were too many unanswered questions from 2006. Will the Amway people ever stop getting pissed off when you refer to them as "Amway people"? Will Candy/aka Sara rise to the top of their pyramid? Why did Noid leave a perfectly good roast beef and provolone sandwich in his room? Will there be another need for a special "hacker edition"(in black of course) of depends undergarments?

                Al K. Lloyd
                "Are my pants...threatening you?"


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                  Originally posted by alklloyd
                  Will Candy/aka Sara rise to the top of their pyramid?
                  You bet your ass she will. At least our pyramids.
                  The dude abides.


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                    Originally posted by Deviant Ollam
                    virosa & tara - way to slide in through the eBay door, man. wouldn't have been the same without you there... and thanks to tara for surrendering you to us for the weekend and hanging with the crew on the last day.
                    Glad to be there, and glad to see you again, bossman! Next time you leave 40 pounds of lock-pix0ring gear with me, I won't take as long to get it back into your hands.

                    Sorry I'll be missing out on DC14, but that's the way the cookie deflagrates, man. I'll see if I can't pick you up some bitchin' Turkish hacker swag.