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  • Volunteer to Staff

    PokerCon needs volunteers to help out with the event. Rest assured, this volunteer work will not be in vain. Free PokerCon shirts, stickers, and beer await those who help us out.

    We need dealers, beverage maidens and/or butlers and general staff(to help with moving tables, coloring up chips, etc.).

    All dealers are assumed to know how to deal NL Texas Hold'em to 8 people.

    All people are welcome to volunteer for any position(you must be 21 to deal), but it would be great if people I know(or at least have a knowledge of) would volunteer. That way trust isn't an issue.

    If you want to help just respond to this thread saying what position, or send me a private message.
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    if/when i get eliminated i don't mind sticking around to help with dealing.
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      I'm assuming a few DC859 members will be dealing at the beginning? If this is the case, I would be more than glad to do so.
      I can't recall if I did or didn't mention this to you, so this is my mentioning.
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        I know nothing about poker.. but it looks fun. Depending on time/place and phenomenal cosmic flowers, I would be glad to help in what ways I can .. probably bruting around tables and stuff.
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          I can deal, and would gladly do so to support this event.

          Xodia: Message me for contact info if you need it. Havnt heard from you in a while anyway.
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            I'll help out with the setup/breakdown and anything else you need help with
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              As of today we have plenty of people to help staff. Thanks for your support. PokerCon should be awesome!
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