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    We I'm into robotics and an avast RC car racer. I've built a few RC robots but I'm interested in programming. there's a class at the local JC I'm going to try to get in but i was wondering other than that where do i start if i want to do robotic programming?

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    Perhaps this thread or this thread might be of some use.


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      I heart robots. :)

      Learn by picking a subsystem. Learn all you can about it, then move on to the next subsystem. Systems to consider: power, brains(control), brawn(actuators/motors), interaction(sensors)-

      The great thing about robotics is that you learn about MANY aspects of modern electronics, computers, mechanical engineering, programming, power systems, forces you to learn about more than just one area of the technology.

      Too many people are great coders, but fear/don't know about hardware. Too many hardware people can't code their way out of a paper bag- Studying each will help you indirectly improve your abilities in the other.