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Update: March 1, 2006 - arena built!

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  • Update: March 1, 2006 - arena built!

    Finally got the arena working with a good design!

    Check out the gallery at:

    Also finalized the target design and circuitry, so to build your own test target that is exactly what you'll see at the event check out:

    The arena is a 5'x5' area raised about 2' off the ground. It's a metal frame about 1' deep with a blanket as the backstop. The targets are strung along metal wires that go across the front, another wire a few inches above that one lets the target lean against it as well as provide power for the IR and red LED. When shot, the targets fall 90 degrees back onto another support wire, breaking the circuit and turning the LEDs off.

    The targets are built out of a circle of metal, attached to a lexan post. Then wired up to provide a circuit for the LED. Check the photos for more detail.

    Oh, there are also currently 10 3" targets, 10 2" targets, and 10 1" targets. The moving/blinking targets have not been built yet.
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    You know you could be real bastards and use the photoelectric effect to use the targets as sensors as well, and have them react to ambient light and such ;)

    Great job guys, stuff looks great!



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      Looks good Kallahar, you really went all out.

      Is the backdrop blanket in the photo album on the one going to be used during the contest. Wasn't the background going to be black?


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        Oh yeah, we only had the gray one handy but we plan to either dye it or find a black one. Right now it doesn't affect our testing since when you view it only in IR it doesn't show up anyway, but we'll change it to black eventually.

        I've also got a bunch of source code showing a working gun system, I'll clean that up and try to get it up this weekend.
        --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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          What's the story with the black targets?


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            They're black, no LED, and are worth many negative points.
            --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?