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pac-bell's headstone unveiling

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  • pac-bell's headstone unveiling

    for those not aware, it is traditional in the jewish faith to wait 'til about one year after the death of a loved one to place a headstone or other marker on his grave. this past sunday, pac-bell's family held the ceremony unveiling his stone. when his parents removed the cover, we (the 916/ninjas crew) were rather touched. i spoke with pac-bell's stepmom about the choice and she said that once his sister brought up the idea, they were totally into it.

    thanks to felix for the image. skully will have clearer images on darkstar once he gets back up north.

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    Thank you for posting the picture. I still miss him.


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      Very nice of them.
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        I have always had a question - why are rocks but ontop of the grave? I asked a Jewish friend of mine but all he said is "tradition." Any significant meaning behind it?


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          Or maybe it's just pretty.


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            I kind of figured it was like one of those things that was done ages ago, and is continued today, but the original purpose was lost.

            Perhaps it goes back to the use of large, heavy rocks, covering a gravesite, to prevent animals from digging up the remains, and the use of pebbles is continued (because pebbles are easier) while new reasons are invented for why we still do it, even though we don't need to.

            Consequences of allowing animals to dig things up and redistribute in a hunter-gatherer group:
            Re-living memories, grief, the work to re-bury them, health risks.


            It is really impressive that his family chose to include his handle/nickname in the gravestone.

            Things like that suggest his family knew him well, and that they had a really good relationship. :-)


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              Thank you for posting this, I am welling up with emotion.

              Its a really nice touch to see his handle there, its something I doubt my family would think of, but something to think about.
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