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  • Important PokerCon Buy-in News

    With an outside company having to come in to deal the costs of this event have risen considerably. 100 players playing with a $50 initial buy-in it gives us enough money to pay the dealers, get custom chips and still be able to give a $500 donation to the EFF.

    For the buy-in to be any less at the 100 player mark we would have to short change the EFF which I think we can all agree is not cool.

    So basically the question at hand becomes is a $50 buy-in reasonable? Early on people were urging a high buy-in so this may be a non-issue.
    The dude abides.

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    $50 is more than reasonable in my book.

    Will we still have dealer tipping and re-buys with the $50 initial?


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      Hi Xodia,

      I'm still well up for paying a $50 buy-in, that's around what I would normally pay to join a game when I play in Belfast anyway.

      I'm looking forward to this event, it will give me a wee bit more practice before I go down the strip and lose my years savings! :)