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  • Freenet On-The-Rise, Maybe...

    It seems to me that with the spread of FUD throughout our government as of late the Freenet Project ( ) may become a viable place for the *free* exchnage of ideas other than the web.

    I just recently grabbed the latest version of free net and I am really starting to like what I see. With the ability to only view keys if you know the key you can really keep things on the down low. And it's all based around encryption which is cool too.

    If you are interested in keeping the net free (as in beer and speech etc) I would check out hte following linkage:

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Stop Police Ware
    The Debian GNU/Linux Project
    The Freenet Project

    I dunno just another two cents
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    It was inevitable that the governemnt would want to control the internet. After all, the idea of a self regulated society, which would correct itself as seen fit (i.e. Vigilante Crackers taking down child porn sites) and not by money but by mutual respect for other people, is and idea that frightens our government. The internet, in the government's eyes, should be a highly regulated, limited communications tool, not a society in which only those truly interested have access to. But at the same time, we still have power. Consider what the internet is, a bunch of loosely hooked together computers based on a common protocol. If the government (or Microsoft ;) ) were to impliment a connection protocol that was too restricted or regulate the current one too far, all we would have to do is stop using the old protocols. Go back to good ol' dial up a computer connections. Slower yes, but still free transfer of info, and eventualy, the commercial world will catch on, and then and only then, will the governement step in, to start the cycle over again.
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