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    So every year there is minor discussion about some sort of activity we might have at the forum meet and every year people mostly just sit and twiddle their thumbs while saying "hi" for two hours. It's dull. Really dull coming from a group of alcoholic, trouble-loving hackers.

    There are some logistical troubles with going to a restaraunt (getting there, newbies finding it, etc), though we could also do asian takeout (there must be such a thing in vegas somewhere). I've always wanted to have a hotel-room-cooking competition, but that's just me.

    Another idea I had was board games or non-standard card games (ie: not a regular deck game like rummy, poker etc). Yes, plain old low-technology board games. They play easy so you can talk to your friends while still keeping your hands and the rest of your attention busy. You might discover a new game you love and if someone gets into an interesting game, it'll give folks something to gawk at. The really low-end ones (see: candyland) can still be played by the terminally drunk and nostalgic.

    Some games:
    Speed scrabble (I dunno how to play but i bet someone does)
    candyland (in honor of converge)
    chinese checkers
    set (takes a bit more attention)
    word thief
    Pokeno (good for groups)


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    to be honest, i think the lack of structure works out just fine... i can personally say that if there were games going on, i probably would not participate just because there are a bunch of people that i never see and would be too busy talking to everyone. but who knows, i could be the minority...
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      I think this kinda depends on who you are, and how many people your looking to meet up with. Some members have lots of friends on the forum and can talk at length with them, others go to meet people in real life, or say 'hi' and twiddle their thumbs or some other reasons...
      I've been to the meeting before, and I think that standing around drinking kinda works for both categories... I remember there's lots of trouble just getting the meeting organised and location and time figured out... let alone trying to organise teams of some kind or what game to play even.

      If there is a game setup... I think it should be something thats very loose on players... I think it should involve security or technology somehow.... good luck.
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        there was a discussion in another thread about a game of beer pong. in order to head off any of the traditional debates that always arise when something like that is proposed at a party (i.e. - "your rules are wrong", "who throws in what order?", "this game isn't called beer pong, this is beruit!", etc) some of us said, let's make something totally different and play a geek-centric form of beer pong... using an original tele-games PONG console.

        pong console, vga projector, simple elimination tourney, drink a shot of beer each time you're scored upon. i know i'd throw my hat into the ring for that.
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          I can bring some robots to play with ;)

          The forum badges help identify people...



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            drunken hacker scrabble! scene-only rules for related words, leetspeak allowed but subject to group challenge, who's up to forging number wooden tiles?

            playing with robots would be fun.

            that reminds me.. I need to dig out my avatar badge in a month or two and patch it up
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              Drunken strip poker!! Oh wait... ASTcell naked.... scratch that....
              "Forum Trivia Drinking Games"
              "Pin the tail on the haxor chick"
              "Name that scene whore"
              Freeze tag.. using the leftover liquid nitrogen from the beverage cooling contest..
              Or just a game of "Shoots and ladders"...
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                I suggest a game called "Ninja Burger" Might be abit too geeky, but i love it, just recently discovered it getting drunk with friends. That or good 'ole Kings. Someone usually ends up nekid playing kings, which could always turn into a round of "Name the Scene whore" If it does.
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                  Originally posted by che
                  "Pin the tail on the haxor chick"
                  That might not be such a good idea. After all I could see a violent occurrence taking place.

                  Freeze tag.. using the leftover liquid nitrogen from the beverage cooling contest
                  Who would be crazy enough to bring liquid nitrogen to hacker conference?
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                    Meeting location and such

                    Well I've got the floor plan starting to be scheduled, so we should decide on a space and a time.

                    I'm thinking it might be nice to make a space available for more than just a party, and get some coordination planning done. It would be sweet if the various DCGs could share some of their content to help spread their work.

                    Meeting space is available in the 106 to 110 range opposite the grand ballroom, or we can coordinate with Grifter and get a sky box. What say thou?
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                      Who would be crazy enough to bring liquid nitrogen to hacker conference?[/QUOTE]

                      umm dont know about you but im thinking about trying to get some cylinders of dry ice to try to fool the snak machines hummm*thinks of a great movie*
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                        Actually.. a skybox for the even could be pretty cool.. although definately beyond needs to probably a lower priority than other things going down.

                        I can think of at least DC503 folks that are regulars to the forum meet.. we can conjure something if a DCG theme or yearly meet surfaces. .. might be an idea worth sending across the DCG POC list.
                        if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                          Originally posted by che
                          ...Or just a game of "Shoots and ladders"...
                          I like where your head is at on thins one.. but let me suggest a better game of SHOTS and ladders.
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                            Originally posted by Siviak
                            I like where your head is at on thins one.. but let me suggest a better game of SHOTS and ladders.
                            Great minds think alike.. That is actually what I ment to type..
                            Happiness is a belt-fed weapon.


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                              Originally posted by LosT
                              I can bring some robots to play with ;)

                              I think we can do that too, but most of ours have {de|e}volved into weapons of various sorts...

                              Hey.. that can be fun too!