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Let the fun begin..

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  • Let the fun begin..

    I'm posting this to the web site and the rss and hope to stir people up for ride and room sharing.

    Post your spare space or request for space here!
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    went to book my room today and they said that the 1st day is sold out OUCH!

    anybody wana sell me there room on sat so i can buy an exstension or somthing (i need to orginize a room for 4 people), ive got a little money now but i need space :O


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      Re: Let the fun begin..

      And here I though the change of venue meant I didn't need to book the room in January... I say DT needs to buy out more of the Riviera next year.
      Anyone want to bail on their reservation? I have several people already lined up to split the room cost with as soon as I get one.


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        Re: Let the fun begin..

        I need a ride from Sacramento or Stockton to LV and a place to stay for the nights

        will bring food, and a good ammount of cash for gas. already inquiring about 1 ride.

        as far as who you are what your like or where wed be staying, I dont really care, im rediculously easy going like that.