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  • Web Cameras (Las Vegas)

    This has come up before in online discussions, but why not bring it up here?
    Do you have "web-cams" that you like?

    Nearest intersections to the Riviera:
    LV Blvd - Convention (I'm guessing this is facing away from the Riv.)
    LV Blvd - Sahara (Broken when I checked, but I was hoping this would be facing down towards the riv.)

    Stratosphere Webcams (Requires filling out a form, but email address is not validated.) -- Choose "Las Vegas Strip, and when the java applet load, the lower picture (landscape, 360 degree pan) you should select very close to the center horizontal and vertal on the strip, and zoom-in. You can see the major corner of the Riviera , looking at it from the north.

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    I think this page just about covers it.


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      Originally posted by [Syntax]
      I think this page just about covers it.
      That's almost identical the master list I found. (About 5 are listed that were not listed on other pages.) So far, the Stratosphere webcam is the only one that has offered any "good" shots of the Riviera.

      There has to be something better.

      From the Stratosphere, I can see, that it appears one block south of Riviera is a Dennys, and a Ross in "Silver City Plaza."
      It also appears there is a McDonlad's across the street from the Riv:
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        This was useful in the Cannonball Run days but here is a page full of CalTrans web cameras on
        tommEE pickles