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Mac OS X 10.1 Security Already

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  • Mac OS X 10.1 Security Already

    Just a few days after release of 10.1 there is already security concerns. For one; Internet Explorer 5 bundled with 10.1 automaticly decompresses and executes the application after download. (Malicious code?) Apple didn't follow WebDAV standards completly leaving it so iDisk sent info in plaintext making it just as insecure as standard FTP and e-mail.

    To fix the IE 5 w/ OS X 10.1 simply goto the preferences of Explorer, under Security Zones tab, select Custom and disable, "Launch Applications and Files"

    As far as avoiding issues with iDisk just use the "Connect to Server" under the "Go" menu and enter the address "afp://".

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    Another version of the information was posted here, in the Announcments section. If you would like to discuss it, please do so here. The view here (from freaky) is probably more accurate because Freaky is a Macintosh and Mac OS X expert, and he has spoken at Defcon 3 times.

    The other thread is here