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  • DEF CON 9 T-Shirts

    We had a few shirts made up last year to sell. Of corse there was so many people selling stuff it was impossible to sell. I have a few shirts left, Large - XL so if you missed out on the shirts, ran short on cash or just avoided the crowded vendors area ill hook you up with a nice low priced discount. The point is to get rid of them so whatever ya guys want is cool.

    This is for all the forums readers.
    6.00 + 2.00 S&H in the USA.
    + 4.00 International.....

    just send a email to with some info.

    info about the shirts: 100% cotton, pre-shrunk hanes beefy T's
    sizes are Large & XL
    Style = Front sided, Silk Screened

  • #2
    Yeah, I got one of those shirts. They rox0r...good quality.
    I was with the unamerican table, we was selling those k-rad stikies.


    • #3
      I got about 10 of those stickers, and about 5 pins. Now THEY are great. (Freaky's T-Shirt was pretty cool, but no one had stickers and pins like unamerican)


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        I missed out on a lot of the vendors, although I did get this great clear backpack for five bucks. Pretty tough for such little $$.


        • #5
          Was it the yellow, black, and clear backpack! Ahh. I wanted one of those? $5??? Where?!?


          • #6
            Yeah...that's the was the booth that was next to unamerica selling the stickers.

            They also had some shot glasses with the DC9 logo. I got one of those for five bucks as well.


            • #7
              That was a Goon selling that stuff. Evol if I'm not mistaken.
              .: Grifter :.


              • #8
                Nothing beats my "Fuck me, I'm 'leet." pin.


                • #9
                  Have a better picture of the shirt? I remember it, but forget what it says.

                  Unamerican will always be a classic. Srini is great. 23's "fuck me I'm leet" pins were a nice touch too. That sexy scene whore with the long hair and 'beard' did not notice though. Sad day.


                  White Vampire\Rem


                  • #10
                    Ya I got one of those. I think that the shirt prices were a little high. I would love to see more good quality ie this shirt at better prices.
                    H2O :)