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I need some tunes, yo.

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  • I need some tunes, yo.

    Every year I try and put together some music to play during the breaks at BH that is hacker inspired, or has some sort of governmnet conspiracy feel to it.

    Well I've run out, and want to ask everyone to please comment by suggesting a song, and letting me know the band and why it fits. Then I can run out and buy the music and build the compilation to play.

    I know for sure there will be:
    "The telephone call" - Kraftwerk
    "Pocket Calculator" - Kraftwek
    "Electric Eye" - Judas Priest. It's about an all seeing spy guy who watches over the population, trying to make the world "right"
    "I'd start a revolution (If I could get out of bed)" - Amiee something or other. I like the Gen-X slacker ideals mixed with the reality that revolutions actually take effort!
    "Technologic" - Daft Punk.
    Some tracks from the Ghost in the Shell series.

    Anyway, you get the idea. Let the song ideas flood in!
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    Re: I need some tunes, yo.

    Originally posted by Dark Tangent
    Well I've run out, and want to ask everyone to please comment by suggesting a song, and letting me know the band and why it fits.
    NiN: Head Like A Hole
    "Head like a hole, Black like your soal, I'd rather die, than give you control"
    "Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve."
    (Control issues)

    Rolling Stones : Sympathy For The Devil
    "Pleased to meet you, Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    "But whats puzzling you, Is the nature of my game"
    (Paranoia, conspiracy)

    Rolling Stones : Time is on My Side
    "Time is on my side"
    Hackers : A problem will be fixed, it is just a matter of time.
    Crackers: A system will be defeated, it is only a matter of time: many attackers with orders of magnitude more time and energy than a single defender-- especially when weakness in any defender brings risk.

    Old, Cliche
    Police : Every Breath You Take
    Multiple metaphors available here for big brother watching, but may be overdone.

    Not too old:
    CoSV: (Chapel of Stilled Voices) "sameway"
    Sound like a mechanical grind, steady, plodding, determined

    Not too old:
    AMP : Orbital : "The Box"
    Mystery / Chase

    AMP : Fluke "Atom Bomb"
    "Baby got an atom bomb."
    (What is a script kiddie with a DoS exploit, anyway?)


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      Re: I need some tunes, yo.

      It may be worth it to ask some of the featured DJs of DC past and present to record a track or two and add those songs into the mix. I really like the song, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk. The song really needs no explanation. Also Who Da Funk feat. Jessica Eve "Shiny Disco Balls" Lyrics: Drugs...rock 'n' roll...bad-ass vegas hoes...late-night booty calls...shiny disco balls... I think it fits. :-)
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        Re: I need some tunes, yo.

        I hope you plan on legally aquiring all of that :)

        A few come to mind for the conspiracy angle:

        Bare Naked Ladies - Jump in Line - Second verse is very conspiracy oriented

        Buffalo Springfield - For what it's worth - Classic, got some big brotherish overtones.
        NIN & David Bowie - I'm afraid of Americans - Very big brotherish
        Django Reindheart - Brazil (Or any version of the movie theme) AKA Aquarela Do Brasil
        Incubus - Megalomaniac - Self explanitory

        As for the hacker side:

        Anything from the Large hot pipe organ (midi controlled, propane explosion powered outdoor organ, just google it)

        Legion Of Green Men - Synaptic Response
        Mirwais - Disco Science
        Minibosses (ofcourse)
        Several of the OpenBSD songs
        Rage against the machine - guerilla radio
        Any STOMP performances - Making cool music out of garbage, very hackeresque
        Three dead trolls in a baggie - Every OS sucks - Self explainitory
        Blue man group - The complex - Just very cool stuff

        More appropriate for Defcon:

        Spirit of the West - Home for a Rest - Google the lyrics
        Arrogant Worms - The Beer Song - Google the lyrics
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          Re: I need some tunes, yo.

          Originally posted by Dark Tangent
          Every year I try and put together some music to play during the breaks at BH that is hacker inspired, or has some sort of governmnet conspiracy feel to it.
          Pretty much the entire CD of Queensryche - Operation : Mindcrime. Nice and angst-ey/anarchy-in-the-street-ey.

          "I dream in infrared" is another cool 'Ryche tune, and the title is apropos, even if the lyrics aren't.

          I'm also gonna recommend Dio's "Rainbow in the Dark", and claim that it ties in with Rainbow Tables, but really I just want to see 6000 dudes flyin' their freak flags at full mast and rockin' out to some RONNIE JAMES FUCKIN' DIO. Maybe someone could even throw up some horns.


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            Re: I need some tunes, yo.

            "All about the Pentiums" - Weird Al

            "Let's make lots of money" - Pet Shop Boys. "I can program a computer, choose the perfect time. If you've got the information, I've got the crime."
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              Re: I need some tunes, yo.

              Shoot.. at one point I had a whole list of songs that I thought fit some form of 'hacker' theme. First one that comes to mind is:

              Bad Religion - Man With a Mission - Recipe for Hate track #5

              I remember this because I snipped it and stuck a portion of it into the TBBQ3 Trailer video.
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                Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                Figuring since we're onto control themes as well as just pure technology (and a lot of this is just for the atmosphere the songs create) :

                Bad Religion: I Love My Computer or 21st Century Digital Boy.

                Sigue Sigue Sputnik: pretty much anything from the Flaunt It album, still one of the most cyberpunk pieces of album art and video EVER (and Love Missile F1-11 has the video to back it up). I'll admit to liking their music, too. Slave Trade from Piratespace is good, too - opens with a yell of, "YOU'RE ALL A FUCKING BUNCH OF SLAVES!" Also Barbarandroid, a B-Side from the Albinoni vs. Star Wars single (the full-length version of part 1 of which would work really well, now that I think of it). M*A*D or Is This The Future? (crap fan video, but this one of my favourite songs) from Dress for Excess. The Hack Attack single.

                Cassandra Complex: most of the Cyberpunx album, but especially Nightfall (Over E.C.), Jihad Girl, and Happy Days (War is here Again).

                Information Society: most anything from the Information Society or Hack albums, though Where Would I Be Without IBM? from Don't Be Afraid would fit as well. Their best-known song: What's On Your Mind?.

                Going way back - Styx' Talking in Codes album.

                Devo: Mongoloid (ignore the bullshit that leads in), Space Junk, Freedom of Choice, Planet Earth, Cold War, Mechanical Man, Deep Sleep, Explosions, Shout, Are You Experienced?, The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (the old KCUF sign-off tune from when Desert Crossing Radio was statically-located between Defcons)

                Duran Duran: Planet Earth (=DOOMSDAY), The Chauffeur, Drive By. Careless Memories because it kicks ass.

                Mi-Sex: Computer Games

                Trans-X: Living on Video

                Oingo Boingo: Weird Science (Yeah, cheesy, I know, but ehh)

                Ladytron: Cracked LCD

                KMFDM: Dogma (bonus points for references to Videodrome and Scanners)

                Visage: Fade to Grey.

                Billy Idol's Shock to the System, Neuromancer (fan video). Cheesy but fits.

                Sisters of Mercy: Vision Thing (bad live version), Doctor Jeep - or, as The Sisterhood: Finland Red, Egypt White (specifications of an AK-47 read over music)

                Kraftwerk: Computer World

                Jean-Michel Jarre: Magnetic Fields, but there's a lot that would fit. Complimentary to Kraftwerk, though different. Shown here: Oxygene 8, which is a *lot* different to the earlier works.

                Vangelis: Blade Runner Theme.

                John Carpenter: theme to Escape from New York (synthy) or Escape from L.A. (more industrial-ish).

                The Normal: TVOD - "I don't need a TV screen / I just stick the aerial / Into my skin". Synthpunk happened 27 years ago.

                Most of John Foxx' stuff - Underpass especially. "World War Something, we were somebody's sons."

                Girls Under Glass' Down in the Park - it's verging on a ballad, but there's some interesting imagery in it. This is the original Gary Numan version, but Girls Under Glass did it *far* better.

                Juno Reactor: Rotorblade. "It's daylight... So you might want to put your visors down."

                Bloodhound Gang: Mope. Pac-Man does crack. Bonus points for sampling Falco.

                Branvan 3000: Glee

                Falco: Vienna Calling for use of DTMF. Pink Floyd would also work for that, though, but they used MF. Really surprised I could find the video for this song.

                EMF's cover of Iggy Pop's Search and Destroy from the unexplained E.P. - "Look out honey, 'cos I'm using technology / Ain't got time to make no apologies."

                Kompressor. Anything by Kompressor. Kompressor does not use a Macintosh; instead he uses a Tandy. Rock the Kompressor. Kompressor Does Not Dance. Fan video, but failing to give a flying fuck.

                AC/DC: Satellite Blues

                Orgy: Fiction (Dreams in Digital).

                Informatik: Built for Pleasure - "My desire engineered / Pure design built for pleasure..."

                Yello: Bostich. Not as good as the original 1981 version by a long shot, but it still applies. "Standing at the machine every day for all my life, I'm used to doing it and I need it, it's the only thing I want, is just to rush, push, cash."

                Alphaville: Big In Japan and Forever Young. The first is more atmospheric; the second is something that won't make sense unless you grew up in the Cold War.

                For just a technological feel: most anything by Front Line Assembly (especially the 12" version of Provision or Dead Planet, Front 242, early Cabaret Voltaire, Die Krupps, Funker Vogt, or a whole bunch of other industrial acts I can't think of right now (must check iPod playlists later).

                Oh, and there's always .mod music... Not necessarily chiptunes, but rather Atari & Amiga tracker stuff from years past...
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                  Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                  Deltron 3030 - Virus [obvious reasons]

                  Binar Code - Anorexia [lyrics are only 'self-inflicted' but the music itself for some reason get me way into whatever im concentrating on]

                  Terrorfakt - any of their tracks, really. [very industrial/powernoise... hacker material IMO]

                  Godlike [obvious]
                  Rip the system [obvious]
                  A drug against war [the lyrics here are very fast paced, with the feeling to 'do something'. Lyrics include:"TELEVISION, RELIGION, SOCIAL DESTRUCTION, SEX AND DRUGS, VIOLENT SEDUCTION"]

                  Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod, WTV [Just like the KFMDM stuff above]

                  Just to name a few... At least, those are the ones that get me motivated ;)

                  [EDIT=added reasons]
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                    Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                    A few thoughts on songs:

                    Army of me-Bjork-
                    21st century digital boy- Bad Religion
                    Youre pretty when im drunk - Bloodhound Gang ( may be a stretch but funny for defcon )
                    Atom tan- The Clash
                    The guns of brixton- The Clash
                    Know your rights- The Clash
                    I faught the law- The Clash
                    Quite unusual- Frount242
                    Star fuckers - NIN
                    Sour times- Portishead
                    In the garage- Weezer
                    Secret Agent Man
                    And a few common favorites:

                    Bang Bang Bang
                    Everyone else has had more sex than me
                    She blocked me
                    and of course NUMA NUMA, cause no one EVER gets tired of hearing that song :-)
                    "Haters, gonna hate"


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                      Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                      Originally posted by Nikita
                      and of course NUMA NUMA, cause no one EVER gets tired of hearing that song :-)
                      Well, I'm pretty sure that guy has....
                      Never drink anything larger than your head!


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                        Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                        Hackers and Crackers by Zearle

                        and several other tracks from zearle
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                          Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                          Why not some dubmood?

                          Surely SOMEONE here has heard his music, maybe without knowing it. :)
                          (URL goes down quite a bit, all music is free for download, I could put up a compressed file of MP3s for a few people to download)


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                            Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                            Bill Gates Must Die - John Vanderslice
                            I have the Password to your Shell Account - Barcelona
                            Fuck The MPAA - Futuristic Sex Robotz
                            End of File - MC Plus+

                            These should be pretty self explanatory, and I think most of them are available for free (legally).


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                              Re: I need some tunes, yo.

                              Most of Miss Kittin & The Hacker's catalogue based on the name alone. Cutesy, but could work.

                              The Primitives: Crash. The song may have nothing whatsoever to do with technology, but both the band's name and the song's title do :)
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